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The Tag Rugby® Association

The Tag Rugby® Association has evolved over a number of years, in consultation with the various stakeholders of the game in South Africa. The Association is a non-profit, public benefit organisation registered with the Department of Social Development in South Africa.

Tag Rugby® an Associate Member of SA Rugby

At the 2010AGM of SA Rugby, Tag Rugby® became an Associate member of SA Rugby.  This is a huge milestone for Tag Rugby® and shows that the seed planted just before the 1995 Rugby World Cup has matured into a tree that is now starting to bear fruit. Since 1992 TAG Rugby™ has been a self funded development organisation that has raised funds by exporting Tag Rugby® equipment to the United Kingdom market and then using these proceeds to develop the game in South Africa. This was a painstaking process.

In 2006 the work that TAG Rugby™ has been doing was endorsed by SARU and the game endorsed as a grassroots development tool to be used as such in South Africa. Tag Rugby®  equipment is a SARU Licensed product. Tag Rugby® is used as a means to introduce children (boys and girls) to rugby in a fun and safe manner. Tag Rugby® is not seen as a replacement to mini rugby in any way. The game is seen as a means to improve handling skills and increase the numbers of children playing rugby. Tag Rugby® can also be used as a training aid for schools and clubs already playing contact rugby.

The game can also be used to introduce teenagers and adults (of both sexes) with little or no rugby experience to the game. The game is effective in both primary and secondary schools.

The Association is a non-profit, public benefit organisation that serves all sporting communities within South Africa.

Tag Rugby®

·         govern the rules of the game and run SARU accredited 3 hr coaching courses for coaches and parents. No rugby experience necessary.

·         have a data base of accredited coaches and referees in all provinces that will be able to be contacted to coach Tag Rugby®.

·         have a set of standards for all equipment that is to be used in games, festivals and tournaments. We have seen from our experience in the UK that this is a necessity as unfortunately people do try to take advantage by using different equipment. 

·         provide a user friendly website that can be used by all South Africans wanting to promote the game.

·         provide a mechanism on the website where adult leagues can be run and administered by clubs and institutions.

Tag Rugby® and SA Rugby Union

Tag Rugby®  is working strategically with SARU to use Tag Rugby®  as a means of increasing the number of players as well as to grow the supporter base for Rugby in South Africa. We have attracted new sponsors to the game that will provide rugby opportunities in all communities of South Africa. We also have current Springbok players that are Tag Rugby®  ambassadors and donate their time to promote the game in areas where Rugby is not being played. Our relationship with SARU is vital and we have an extremely good partnership with  the governing body.


Tag Rugby® and the Provincial Unions

Tag Rugby® realizes that we will not be able to do work independently. With this in mind we work very hard to forge relationships with the provincial rugby unions. We currently have Tag Rugby® activities occurring in almost all of the Rugby Unions in South Africa.

Tag Rugby® and National / Provincial Government

Tag Rugby®  has developed excellent relationships with both Provincial and National Government Departments. As Associate member of SARU we promote the game in all the Unions utilizing the Government resources, where possible, to activate our Tag Rugby®  Programmes in Schools. We train the teachers/ community sports officers, monitor the programmes and work alongside the Unions and their Development Officers to promote grassroots rugby development. The idea is also to provide exit routes for talented individuals to become part of the formal rugby community through coaching academies, clubs etc.   

Data collection and recording

We keep stringent records of the young children that are introduced to and play Tag Rugby® as well as all persons that attend our coaching courses and talks.

 Trademarks and Manufacturing 
Tag Rugby®  is a registered trademark and the Association has sought and been granted the permission to use such trademarks by Tag Rugby® Promotions (Pty) Ltd. All Tag Rugby® equipment is manufactured by an Non Profit Organisation called Learn to Earn that provide training for unemployed individuals in Khayelitsha, Cape Town.  All people trained at Learn to Earn then become economically active either employed by supporters of the organisation or as entrepreneurs starting their own businesses.

Our relationship with Learn to Earn is a long term one as they have been manufacturing Tag Rugby® equipment for almost 10 years. For more information on Learn to Earn please visit www.learntoearn.org.za